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Well, we went and did it! :)

Well, my husband and I have gone and done it -- we've started our own Pet Sitting / Dog Walking business. This is not a 'troll' -- I had been asking advice earlier in the month, and this is the result of all of your help. Thank you for the input that made Purrfectly Pampered Pets possible. :)

We have one client scheduled for this weekend, another potential client for a week next month, and that's not bad for only deciding to do this a week ago.

Any feedback on the website is welcome -- but remember, we didn't have money for much advertising, and there's only so much I can do with a 'free' site. ;)

Thanks again! We couldn't have done it without you! ::happy dancing::
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Looks a little quiet here, but I'll introduce myself. I'm Heather, recently moved to upstate New York from Los Angeles (and yes, I do think it's very cold here!). I had a fairly successful little pet-sitting business about 4 years ago where I grew up in central Texas. The job market isn't looking to great for me around here, so I figured I'd start up with critters again. Might be kind of slow since I'm new to the area... we shall see.
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Welcome to the community.

If you are currently a pet-sitter or an employee of a pet-sitting company, then please
join! Give tips & other information to help out other pet-sitting companies or self-employeed pet-sitters!


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